Top 5 goals from Matchday 13 | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Check out the best goals from Matchday 13 in the Bundesliga.

- A wonderful weekend of stunning strikes. Here are the top five goals from match day 13.

- Forsberg, a long line of footballers. Keita strokes it into the back of the net. He scored against them last time here, and he scored against them last time here. A ball back from Delaney. Perfect for Naby Keita.

- In by Kimmisch. Up goes Hoddles. Arturo Vidal finds the net. And the comeback's on. Through the bodies to make it 2-1, and Bayern are right back in this contest.

- [INAUDIBLE] and he's got the pace as well. Mario gets, there and it's three. Dortmund just looked like they can open up [INAUDIBLE] at will.

And they are doing just that. His first goal in 2017. A lung-bursting run from Mario Gotze. If it wasn't clear that he is back to his best, then it is now.

Fine play between [INAUDIBLE] and Gotze, and this is a darby to remember. [INAUDIBLE] it's falling to Guerrero. This is simply unbelievable.

What a fine finish from Rafael Guerrero, his first of the season. This is something that he and Dortmund will never forget. Caligiuri up against [INAUDIBLE].

Caligiuri once more. Still Caligiuri. Unbelievable! 4-3 with four minutes yet to play. Well, this is fairy tale stuff from Tedesco's.