What went wrong for Dortmund in the Revierderby?

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Kate Abdo, Jovan Kirovski, and Stu Holden discuss Dortmund and Bayern's loss at the weekend.

- Yes, thank you very much, guys. We have just wrapped up Matchday 13. We've got Stu in the studio with us today-- Stu and Jovan. We have to start, though, I think, with the Revierderby. It was an incredible game. Dortmund playing host to Schalke. Dortmund under some pressure, needed a big win. It looked like they were set for that. 4-0, they were fantastic in the first half.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: It was an incredible game, but if you're Dortmund, you have to be scratching your head. You're up 4-0 at halftime, you've had-- the last eight weeks have been terrible. How can you not get a win out of this? Awful. I think the second half was a full collapse.

- What went wrong for you, though, Jovan? What went wrong for you there?

- Defensively, once they conceded, that confidence was completely gone. You could tell they were vulnerable. They were shaky. They were nervous. Their--

- Is that more of an indictment on the team, or on Peter Bosz?

- I think it's both. I think it's both. I think they need new leadership.

- I'm hosting this show.

- --if I should just go home.

- I thought you were ready to go home.

- You said you have to be scratching your head. Do you also have to be-- to be firing your manager, ultimately?

- I think they're at a place where they're going to-- they'll make a move in the winter then. I can't see him lasting that long. I don't know how he recovers from this. He might be there for the next few weeks, but I just don't see it long-term how he recovers.

- Jovan, have you got any questions you'd like to ask Stu?

- Yeah, Jovan, you got one for me?

- No, I have no questions at all.

- I have a question, Stu. What about Bayern Munich, because that was a shocker, wasn't it, to see them go down first loss under Jupp Heynckes?

- Yeah, Gladbach's been a little bit of a bogey team. But for Jupp Heynckes, with the injuries that they have racking up-- I mean, now it's Neuer, Ribery, Muller, Thiago, Alaba, James, Arjen Robben. I mean, that list alone is half of that first team squad. So it's going to be important for them, now going into the winter break, a couple of more weeks to get through this little period, get people healthy, and then really make a run starting again in the spring. I don't think anybody is sounding the alarm bells now that Bayern Munich have lost one game in the Bundesliga after the run that they've been on since Heynckes took over.

- But it leaves the door open for others to--

- For who? For Leipzig?

- Leipzig. It gives them a chance.

- Oh, maybe, maybe. It would be nice, wouldn't it? Plenty more Bundesliga action is coming your way, as well, next weekend on FS1. So make sure you tune in to us for that. On Saturday, Bayern Munich are going to look to rebound as they host Hannover at the Allianz Arena. And then on Sunday, we're going to be back with a double-header, starting with Hertha Berlin against Frankfurt, with coverage starting at 9:00 AM Eastern for you. We'll see you then.