Hamburg SV vs. TSG Hoffenheim | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Hamburg SV and TSG Hoffenheim.

[MUSIC PLAYING] - Well, it was Hamburg who got off to a very positive start in this one. Douglas on the left side gets him behind-- the little 1, 2. Smashes it across goal. You never know what will happen.

Two players in the box for Hamburg. And actually is an own goal as you will see here. Trying to clear it. Ends up 1-0, Hamburg.

- And they continue to put pressure on Hamburg-- was-- from the start they had a lot of energy. Here's Bobby Wood playing up front or off the front, I should say. And a terrific strike, unlucky enough to go in. But Hamburg looked completely different with two strikers up front.

- People will see that going forward [INAUDIBLE]. And then this one is just perplexing. You had a wall set up. Goalkeeper moves his ball and moves his wall away.

And the little bit of miscommunication here-- Costa thinks, why not? I'll have a shot from here. I'm so far out. He catches the goalkeeper going the other way, completely off guard.

Still think he should make that save. It's down to his left. It's dipping. It's hit with pace. But Hamburg [INAUDIBLE] up. And then it got even worse for Hoffenheim.

- They just continued to put pressure on. Terrific strike. Young had a terrific day-- defended-- worked hard-- not usually in these positions, but a terrific strike to seal it, 3-0. A dominant performance for Hamburg.

- OK. A second look at the top half of the standings [INAUDIBLE]--