Schalke 04 vs. Hamburg SV | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Schalke 04 and Hamburg SV.

ANNOUNCER: Look at the highlights from this one.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, he does well initially to win the ball back. Plays it wide and then just continues his run into the box. Drifts off from that back shoulder. This is only in the fourth minute. And just goes narrowly wide. You can see what he's just trying to do, just to guide it back into that far corner of the net. Agonizingly wide, but a good start for the young American.

ANNOUNCER: And Schalke continues to apply pressure. Konoplyanka comes in. And this is a reckless challenge by Jung. I don't know what he's thinking to go in-- a definite penalty clear. And here's Di Santos. Puts it in the corner. Calm, cool, hasn't scored in a year but--

ANNOUNCER: So Franco Di Santo, penalty at this point.

ANNOUNCER: And what a terrific run. Caligiuri makes the whole thing. He starts the play. Plays it across. And this ball by Konoplyanka was the one that really broke it open and an easy finish. But what a second goal.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, it was. I'm not even 100% sure Konoplyanka's looking for first is looking for Burgstaller at the back post. But, either way, it was a fantastic run from Caligiuri that broke open that defense. Committed defenders and deserve it to no end for Schalke in the end.