Denmark knocks out Ireland to become the final European team to qualify for the World Cup

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Watch highlights between Ireland and Denmark.

- Check out the highlights as to how and why they are celebrating.

It started off fantastically well for the whole nation. Shane Duffy with a goal. Also scored one in group play. A very important start for the Republic of Ireland. It was a terrific atmosphere. And they always seem to start early-- the Republic of Ireland-- but they could not hold on.

Denmark were dominating in possession. 29 minutes on the clock.

Fantastic from Sisto on the wing. Christensen with the connection on the ball. It does strike the post before it strikes off Christie into the back of his own net. There's not much the defender knew about this, but all the credit goes to Pione Sisto-- that terrific work. And a little nutmeg on the left-hand side created the chance. Christensen just redirected it towards the post. Nothing Christie can do. Into the back of the net it goes. 1-1.

How about this for 2-1. Christian Eriksen at the top of the box and fine form ahead of this playoff tie was shot out in the first leg. How about that for his [INAUDIBLE] in the second leg? Top of the box. Wonderful striking. Ninth goal in World Cup qualifying. Beautiful strike.

We go into the second top. 63rd minute on the clock. Flat-footed this time. Absolutely fantastic work, once again, from Sisto. Buildup. Simple layup. Eriksen does the business. Nothing Randolph could do about it.

The Irish lads' hopes of qualifying for Russia 2018 were slowly dying, and it got even worse 10 minutes later.

Eriksen completing the hat trick. Poor defenders. Ward just redirecting the ball into the path of Christian Eriksen. 15 goals in his last 15 appearances for his nation, nine goals in his last eight games for Denmark.

Nicklas Bendtner came onto the field for the remaining minutes of the match. He won his nation a penalty kick.

The referee was in the act, just slightly delayed his decision making. Nicklas Bendtner doesn't care and steps up, puts it into the top corner.

- Bendtner takes it and Bendtner scores, and Denmark have five on the night.

- 5-1 to Denmark. Nicklas Bendtner [INAUDIBLE] pays off nightly for the Danish side.

And here's a look at how things look for Denmark. Of course, they missed out on Brazil, but they are back on the big stage. It is their fifth World Cup appearance, and that's what you want to see for Denmark.