Christian Eriksen gives Denmark vital 2-1 lead | 2017 World Cup Qualifying Highlights

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Christian Eriksen scores screamer to give Denmark 2-1 lead over Ireland.

ANNOUNCER 1: Poulsen has taken it away from Ward. Now Jorgensen back to Poulsen. Eriksen lurking ominously. They've worked a way to Christian Eriksen, who finds a second. It's a fabulous finish for Christian Eriksen at the end of a sweeping [INAUDIBLE] move. And they've turned this tie on its head.

ANNOUNCER 2: You can say that Ireland, architects of their own downfall. But this is a counterattack, guys. Absolutely sublime from the Danish. Put up combinations of options on the ball. The clinical nature of Christian Eriksen when he gets it. [INAUDIBLE] wants to go back to Yussef Poulsen but he reads it so well. And after that, is it a reaction to get back into the 18-yard box? Ireland have numbers, and numbers don't beat quality like that. As solid as [INAUDIBLE] but he's got absolutely no chance. Tremendous goal.

ANNOUNCER 1: The expression from Harry Arter that tells you the measure of the Irish task now.