Italy in danger of missing the World Cup after loss to Sweden

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Watch full first leg highlights between Sweden and Italy. | 2017 UEFA World Cup Qualifying Highlights

COMMENTATOR 1: Sweden, of course, the home team in this one. Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the crowd as well. Bit of pressure on the home side in this one.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, and the Italians, again, started very well on that left-hand side. f the ball in a delightful delivery at the far post. And he's got to at least hit the target. He's got an empty net to tack it in. And that was a story of the game in the first half for Italy, so close but yet so far.

COMMENTATOR 3: Not too far away from getting an opening goal, and it would have made a big difference for Italy. And then Sweden went off at the races. They started to create chances, but most of them in the first 45 minutes were left to distance, Toivonen this time around, not getting the right connection.

COMMENTATOR 2: Again, nice delivery. They keep the ball alive but look at the blue shirts that are scrambling across, but Friberg should have done better. We've seen him do it in the Bundes-- at least hit the target and test Gigi Buffon

COMMENTATOR 3: That was his moment right there. This is a key moment for Italy, and I think over the tie this could prove costly. Veratti picking up a second yellow card for that challenge, and at times we talked about how pre-game discipline has let them down.

COMMENTATOR 2: But again, they had good imagination, kept the ball alive and this is unfortunate. You can't ask for anything more than that. Good save by the goalkeeper. Second half, I thought Italy started the game well. There was a bit more forward thinking, a bit more positive in the final third. Sub coming on.

COMMENTATOR 3: Yeah, at times Sweden obviously had to change a few things up. And they started to rattle Italy more and more. They were trying to knock them off their game, and yes, it was a deflection, but it doesn't matter to the Swedes. They got that advantage. They've got their goal.

They were playing pretty well in the second half. It was a very open game, but the deflection clearly takes it past Buffon. There's no chance for him to have any contact on that one and Sweden take the lead.

COMMENTATOR 2: This is unlucky as well. Nice ball played in. Good first touch.

COMMENTATOR 3: Nice strike.

COMMENTATOR 2: Beautiful strike. It's not your day. They normally go in for you.

COMMENTATOR 3: Keeper's lucky there.