Clint Dempsey made the difference when it mattered vs. the Whitecaps

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Stuart Holden and JP Dellacamera break down the Sounders' playoff victory against Vancouver.

JP DELLACAMERA: Well, Clint Dempsey didn't play in last year's playoffs because of a heart condition. Didn't play in the first leg against Vancouver because of a suspension, but he made up for it tonight with a two-goal performance as Seattle beats the Vancouver White Caps, and now Seattle will advance. A stalemate at halftime, Stu. What changed in the second half besides Dempsey?

STU HOLDEN: Well, it was Dempsey. Big players turn up in big moments. And tonight the Seattle Sounders, who were struggling to create in the final third in the first half. They got that one moment of brilliance from Clint Dempsey, which opened the game up. The Vancouver White Caps then had to come out of all their shape, their defensive shape, that they've been so good at for the first leg and a half of this series. And then Seattle went from strength to strength. And Dempsey tonight was fantastic, JP.

JP DELLACAMERA: Yeah, and the veterans came to tonight for Seattle. The back four and Stefan Frei didn't really give up much.

STU HOLDEN: They didn't, and Roman Torres was tested at times by Freddie Montero, who has isolated. Him and Chad Marshall dealt with everything that was thrown at them. I thought that Nouhou was fantastic on that left side for them. He got up and down, up and down. He was providing width for the Seattle team and also giving delivery into the box. A penalty shout in the first half that, I still don't know how that was not deemed the penalty kick, because the contact from Nerwinski was started perhaps outside the box, but either way, it should've been a penalty kick. Seattle should been up 1-0 at that point. But they kept plugging away. They got their opportunities, and ultimately, deserved to advance in this tie.

JP DELLACAMERA: It is Seattle's night. It is Clint Dempsey night. They go on to the Conference Finals against the winner of Portland versus Houston. Dempsey with a two-goal performance.