Bayern Munich scores late vs. Celtic to make Champions League round of 16

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Watch full match highlights between Celtic and Bayern Munich.

ANNOUNCER 1: Coming up in a moment, we're going to hear from Jose Mourinho. But now let's get you caught up on Group B, Celtic Park, 22:00 minute. And Bayern Munich with the lead.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, questionable about this handball decision here. Obviously Craig Gordon thought it was going to be handball, the referee didn't give it. Kingsley Coman scored his first Champions League goal in 18 months. And then to continued, it got better for Bayern until this happened. Celtic go back into the game in a big way. Callum McGregor, that's his first Champions League goal since 2014.

Then [INAUDIBLE] went wild. Thinking there was an opportunity to win the game? Think again. Javi Martinez then steps up.

ANNOUNCER 3: You got more and more with that accent as well. He smashes this one into the back of the net. How about that from Javi Martinez as he gets smash in the face. But--