PSG hammers Anderlecht to book passage to Champions League knockout stage

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Watch full match highlights between PSG and Anderlecht.

ANNOUNCER: Stay in the group. PSG just overwhelming Anderlecht today.

ANNOUNCER: They're having a lot of fun, this team. [INAUDIBLE] training ground exercise, this. Chop it in.

ANNOUNCER: [LAUGHS] Is there a more entertaining team to watch right now in Europe, in your eyes?

ANNOUNCER: Manchester City--


ANNOUNCER: --would be up there, but they're not far off.

ANNOUNCER: Stoppage time first half. Neymar becoming the fifth Brazilian to hit--

ANNOUNCER: You're not having that [INAUDIBLE].


ANNOUNCER: [INAUDIBLE] entertaining.

ANNOUNCER: Ooh, let's talk Neymar here. Let's talk PSG, give them their due.

ANNOUNCER: Look at this. It's highlight after highlight. It's star after star.

ANNOUNCER: We're playing Anderlecht.

ANNOUNCER: Aw, come on. You know what? You know what I want? I want my left fullback getting on the score sheet, not once, not twice, but three times. Layvin Kurzawa. This the first of three in a row. That came in at 52nd. 20 minutes later, another one.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, it's a great goal. I mean, this is just fantastic from Paris Saint-Germain. They are the entertainers right now of the world's game. Kurzawa scoring--


ANNOUNCER: Well, hi.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, slow, sultry dance.

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, it's like making love--


ANNOUNCER: --with a flagpole. I-- that's--


I think that's outlawed in several states.


ANNOUNCER: He scored a hat trick. How about this?

ANNOUNCER: 17 goals for, 0 allowed so far in the group stage. A triple there.