AS Roma vs. Chelsea | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between AS Roma and Chelsea.

- See the capital of Rome. And the Little Pharaoh, 39 seconds in the 10th fastest goal in Champions League history. It's been updated. Originally, it was 44 seconds. We shaved 5 off of it.

- [INAUDIBLE] one in his career, [INAUDIBLE] side of his right foot, anticipates really well. Great start to the game.

- They thought that was bad, from Chelsea's point of view. Look at the second goal. This is awful defending.

- Can't let it bounce.

- Really got to let it bounce. I mean, this is just a fantastic finish again from El-Shenawy who's been on form, scored over the weekend, got a double today. Terrible defending, though.

- It got worse. There's another one coming.

- Perotti.

- [INAUDIBLE] show it. Perotti.

- Courtois beaten near post.

- Their worse performance of the season [INAUDIBLE]

- Terrible.

- Third time Roma has--