Atletico Madrid vs. FK Qarabag | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Atletico Madrid and FK Qarabag.

ANNOUNCER: --goals in Champions League play versus Chelsea in the second straight time they've done it.

ANNOUNCER: What happened to Spanish football?

ANNOUNCER: Michel with the goal. Qarabag on top 1-0. Did anybody see that one coming?

ANNOUNCER: You never counted on that.

ANNOUNCER: Right. We've been saying that for days. Atletico Madrid really having problems adapting to their new stadium, but able to level things up here. Thomas Partey in the 56th.

ANNOUNCER: Wow. Inside of the foot. That's wonderful power on that.

ANNOUNCER: Let's go to the 59th minute. Oh, geez!


ANNOUNCER: That appeared to be high, maybe a little bit.

ANNOUNCER: I think. Yeah. I thought it was a good challenge.

ANNOUNCER: I mean, I think you get ejected in a UFC match for that.