Manchester United stays perfect in Champions League with win against Benfica

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Watch full match highlights between Manchester United and Benfica.

- --Straight games without a defeat, at home, in European competition. 14th minute handball we're off to the spot.

- [INAUDIBLE] probably the best player. [INAUDIBLE] in the first half and he wasn't great, with young keeper, gets right, comes off line quite early, no real conviction. about his penalty.

- Ein, Warren Barton says this is a save David de Gea should make all the time.

- Yea I'm not sure what goalkeeper Warren Barton played with in his career. This is a absolute moral [INAUDIBLE].

- [INAUDIBLE] If I play with some good ones.

- That was world class save. Unbelievable.

- None of them are Scottish.


- Just before the break, an unfortunate bounce.

- Unlucky-- unlucky from the 18-year-olds. Feel like we've talked so much, [INAUDIBLE] with a long range shot hits off the post and off the back of his noggin.

- Own goal.

- 65th minute.

- This is embarrassing, United. Giving up possession of the ball like that, Raul Jimenez, almost punishing, and he should have punished. He should have put that one in the back of the net. And that would have made it really interesting, because [INAUDIBLE] created some good chances, and at that stage, United were looking really poor.

- Really like this run from the sub Marcus Rashford.

- Again, no need to give the penalty away, but Rashford comes on, makes an immediate impact, and then a little of chaos. You take it, no, go on, you score.

- Sorry-- sorry, sir, your table is ready in the back.

- Yeah, I'll have this. No-- no you won't.

- I'm sorry.

- No, you'll have this.

- No, not today my friend. So as [INAUDIBLE] goes right down the middle, but with power.

- First ever European goal.

- How about that, right?

- What? So 2-0, four games, four wins in group A for Jose Mourinho.