Houston Dynamo vs. Portland Timbers | 2017 MLS Playoff Highlights

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Watch full first leg highlights between the Houston Dynamo and Portland Timbers.

- Nagbe, early ball from Nagbe. This is the Diego Valeri. What a ball from Valeri, Nagbe.

- Starts here, knows exactly where he wants it, wants it played in front of him in his space. It's just a touch behind him, but it actually helps him, because it allows Darlington Nagbe to get into the attack. Senderos is sucked towards the ball, which leaves that big gap in midfield, and Nagbe should score here.

- Portland Timbers Elis huge tackle.



- Penalty spot we go. Penalty kicks review of them.

- By the way, that's an excellent pass from Manotas. And looks like he gets the ball there, Glenn. And now he does get a part of at Elis initially with the left foot.


- No penalty.


- It's been reversed.

- Flick with the outside of the foot there from Valeri. Look at this. Diego Valeri again, he's going to hit a shot here. And it's a bit of a tester. Deric is going to keep it in front of him.

- Here it is, just a lovely interchange, the two on the same page. The Dynamo defense is giving a little too much space.

- Martinez again, off the corner to the far post. Senderos! Oh, it's punched over the top.

- This one went to back post, and you see Cabezas gets a shout from Senderos that calls him off it as he's attacking that one. And Attinella taking a step forward.

- There was a mishit that's going to end up being possession-- here's whipped across the face of the goal. Ridgewell was there, cleared by Senderos.

- He mishits a shot, it slices out to Valeri.

- Professional manner from the Portland Timbers, and that's going to do it. In the end, the Portland Timbers have tamed the counterattack of the Houston Dynamo.

- Well the Houston Dynamo haven't lost this series and this game, but they had, they missed a big opportunity. They missed a big opportunity to get a goal at home.