New York Red Bulls vs. Toronto FC | 2017 MLS Playoff Highlights

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Watch full first leg highlights between New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC.

ANNOUNCER 1: Match-up tonight. Let's take you back, all the way back to the first half of play from Red Bull Arena.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is when Toronto FC were on top. Jozy Altidore with a good bit of skill. It's a decent cross. I do think Louise Robles should have held onto it. That's a really good bit of skill here by Victor Vasquez, to turn and then slot the ball to Louise Robles' left-hand side.

ANNOUNCER 1: This was the penalty, right? Drew Moor taking down.

ANNOUNCER 2: As Bradley Wright-Phillips wins the ball, he gets himself in between the ball and Drew Moor. Drew Moor commits the penalty. And that is a really good, calm penalty, chipping it down the middle of the goal by Royer.

ANNOUNCER 1: And the play that we talked about, this brilliant free kick from Giovinco.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, it was a counterattack. Giovinco draws a foul in a really good area for him to hit free kicks. And that is up in the-- over the wall so quickly. New York Red Bull players not able to get down onto the line. And that is it. 2-1.

ANNOUNCER 1: We'll revisit our Audi Player Index. Tyler Adams seemed to have a busier second half than the first half.