Catch FC Porto vs. RB Leipzig live on Facebook

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Here is how to watch FC Porto take on RB Leipzig live on Facebook this Wednesday.

ANNOUNCER: It's Timo Werner, fantastic! It's Aboubakar! 1-1.

RACHEL BONNETTA: Timo Werner and Vincent Aboubakar, two of the best young strikers in the world, go head to head Wednesday when Leipzig travel to Porto in UEFA Champions League. And we are bringing it to you live on Facebook. When these squads played in Germany, there were five first half goals. Five of them. So you are not going to want to miss this game.

To watch it, simply search Fox Sports Champions League on Facebook, and click Like on our show page. Wednesday, November 1st. Write it down. Leipzig versus Porto. Lots of goals right here, for free, on Facebook. How does that make you feel? I thought so.