Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Seattle Sounders | 2017 MLS Playoffs

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Watch highlights between Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cascadian cousins colliding tonight, features the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Seattle Sounders.

ANNOUNCER 2: It is key and vital for Brian Schweitzer that Joevin Jones does not leave Nouhou isolated. Or otherwise they could be in for a long, long night. This team is much better than you would think. However, tonight, no Techera, no Reyna their two most dangerous players.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brek Shea, who's one of the changes tonight, only half away. Can't complete the clearance either of the shot. And someway out is skewed wide.

The first 90 minutes of it, the second 90 to come on Thursday night on CenturyLink Field. Nerwinski, back to Bolanos, left footed. In it comes. Oh, and Shea could still get there! Oh, it's scrambled clear by Roman Torres.

ANNOUNCER 2: Their defensive posture was good. The fullbacks had very little space coming forward. And it's only coming off of Christian Bolanos, but that's coming from when he drops deep into the midfield

ANNOUNCER 1: And set-piece opportunities have been at a premium for them as well as Lodeiro feeds that through Joevin Jones. Oh! It's back off the bar.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Harry Shipp comes in. Now look at Lodeiro. He's off the back shoulder.

Great ball to Joevin Jones. I actually think that was Kendell Waston. Yeah, that was Waston.

ANNOUNCER 1: You're right. Lodeiro, who finished third in the league in chances created. And sees it behind Sacha Kljestan and Albert Rusnak, who's number two in that department. Up go the heads. Oh, it's a decent header down from Bruin.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, and we can talk about Leerdam's leadership and maturity on the defensive side of things. But he's also brought a quality for-- this is a great ball for Chad Marshall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Tchani, more precision this time into Montero. Montero Again. Thought about it from distance. Thought about it again.

ANNOUNCER 2: And Sounders fans at home are watching this. They've seen Freddy Montero score a couple golazos.

ANNOUNCER 1: Quick exchange of passes and it may still break here for Harry Shipp. Here we go from Svensson.

Wide to Leerdam. Oh, there's a chance here for Seattle, you know? It's almost opened up. Tim Parker.

ANNOUNCER 2: Tchani, as this game moves on, you're starting to see Seattle find some cracks into this Vancouver defense.

ANNOUNCER 1: Put something together here. Newinsky driving forward in positive fashion and continues his run. Out to Techera!

ANNOUNCER 2: Who's got--

ANNOUNCER 1: Good shake to it, and Stefan Frei had to get down.

ANNOUNCER 2: You're close. How about this ball it here, though?


ANNOUNCER 2: Stefan Frei's got to be on his toes. I-- that's one of the worst things about being a goalie is, what, 94 minutes, you've had three touches? And now at the end of the game, you've got to come up big off your line. Stefan Frei was up to the challenge.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's really in an unnatural position. Well, it certainly struck the hands. That will be that. The deadlock could not be broken between the Cascadian rivals. Goalless at finishes, they will resume hostilities in four nights time at Thursday at CenturyLink Field.

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