Bayern Munich is back on top as Dortmund continues to slip in the Bundesliga

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Kate Abdo, Warren Barton and Ian Joy take a closer look at the Bundesliga title race after Matchday 10.

- Hello. Bundesliga matchday 10 is now in the books. I had the pleasure of watching some of it with Ian Joy--

- Oh, yeah.

- --and Warren Barton. Pleasure it was, Warren, to have you in the--


- Why does that not sound very sincere?

- I'm being genuine. I'm being genuine. You know we're good friends.


- Dortmund, let's talk about them because coming into the weekend, top of the table. But that is no more.

- And the way they're defending is a big concern. When you have this high line-- I know the personnel has changed, but still this philosophy that Bosz has had as a coach, whether it's been at Ajax and now he's doing it at Dortmund-- they're going to get caught wanting because every time the ball gets played over the top-- conceding four goal.s Going to a team where you think, well, yeah, they're going to score goals, they're going to create chance. But at the moment, they look so vulnerable. Did it against Real Madrid in the Champions League, and now they're doing it domestically. That would be a huge concern for me.

IAN JOY: Yeah, I don't like to agree with Warren Barton, but I do have to on this occasion because it's true. I mean, Borussia Dortmund's defense is so suspect. They will always score goals. They're a dangerous side. They're an entertaining side. But conceding goals in the manner that they're doing, giving up a five-point advantage in the Bundesliga, knowing that Bayern have just changed their coach, it's bad news right now for Borussia Dortmund. And then--

KATE ABDO: They've got a world-class striker though. That's a good thing.

- Well, apparently, to some people they have. I don't think-- I think a world-class striker don't have a weakness.

KATE ABDO: All right, let's not start again.

- Well, now I'm here. You can actually ask me the question. Because when I'm not here, you two come flying at me. But let's move on to Bayern Munich-- new coach, look the real deal, look like they're going to go forward and be quite comfortable.

- They seem to be back at their best, Bayern. And it's almost as if they made this right decision at the right time.

- Was this going to happen anyway though? Or is this because Jupp Heynckes has come in?

- No, I think it's because Jupp Heynckes has come in. Clearly-- Robert Lewandowski made a statement in midweek with an interview, saying that there was five or six players who were unhappy and unsettled with Carlo Ancelotti in charge. And at a club like Bayern Munich, as soon as there's a weakness, they eradicate that weakness as quickly as possible because they're used to challenging at the top of the table. They're used to challenging in the Champions League. And while Ancelotti was there, everything was looking bleak. Now they're back top of the table. It's business as usual. And they look pretty good, even though we were disappointed with the game yesterday with the early red card. We still don't know how good Bayern are under Jupp Heynckes. They've got Der Klassiker next week to look forward to to prove it.

WARREN BARTON: But they're all back, firing on all cylinders. He looks happy, Lewandowski, the striker. He is world-class, by the way.

IAN JOY: Yeah.

WARREN BARTON: He will score goals, regardless. And I think, from that point of view, the coach has not had to do a lot. And it's very unusual for Ancelotti to lose a locker room. He obviously did that. Now they're going forward, scoring five goals in their first game, scoring five in the Champions League, not conceding. Neuer comes back into. Ribery, we know, is injured long-term. But they look the real deal to go forward.

- I'm sorry, I'm just smiling because I just noticed how undone your shirt is. I don't know-- is that a--

- Just trying to get that chest out.

KATE ABDO: --a beer cellar thing? What's that about?

- I'm just worried that you keep looking at my chest.

- Have you enjoyed yourself in the beer cellar?

- It's been great. I can't wait to come back. It's fantastic.

- Don't call us. We'll call you.


KATE ABDO: All right, lots more Bundesliga action coming your way next weekend, highlighted by the first Der Klassiker of the season, as Dortmund welcome Bayern Munich to the Westfalenstadion on Saturday on FS2. And on Sunday on FS1, Koln look for their first victory, as they welcome Hoffenheim. We'll see you there.