England win their first U-17 World Cup after turning an 0-2 deficit into a 5-2 victory over Spain

Watch full highlights from the U-17 World Cup final between England and Spain.

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ANNOUNCER 1: This first half in Calcutta between England and Spain in the under-17 World Cup Final. It was Spain that struck first with Sergio Gomez.


ANNOUNCER 2: Miranda with the cross. A little bit of hesitation into England's penalty box and Yanis tucks it away with a deft touch with his sweet left foot, and he wasn't finished.


ANNOUNCER 1: Nope. England had their chances but Sergio Gomez would do it again just after the half an hour mark.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Again, they keep it alive but they get attracted to the ball and it's Foden that should be marking. But that touch, there, sets him up for a sweet volley with that tremendous left foot. Two now, time to celebrate.


ANNOUNCER 1: Well, Spain looked like they were cruising the game, plan was working, sitting back and absorbing pressure. Hitting England on the counter, who would finally get a chance, through Callum Hudson-Odoi to go very, very, close.

ANNOUNCER 2: It was a wonderful play on that.

ANNOUNCER 1: But they truly believed in their own quality.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this was a goal. Bruce to Sessegnon, wonderful delivery. The Liverpool player doesn't disappoint, puts it in the back of the net.

Then Foden gets on the ball again, Sessignon involved. There's the world's player.



[INAUDIBLE], tucks it away. From that moment, it was never in doubt, Ross.

ANNOUNCER 1: They kept on going. And this was the crucial moment, Phil Foden.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep. Best player of the tournament.


We all know who you are, now, son.


ANNOUNCER 1: And England would carry on. We wondered, when they brought their big men up from the back, whether it was wise. It was a central defender to another central defender, Mark [INAUDIBLE] with the goal.


And that's when they truly new. And this was just the icing on the cake from Foden.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, one of the best passes of the game. Touch. And never any doubt when he gets on the ball. Fully deserved 5-2.


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