Bayern Munich vs. RB Leipzig | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch full highlights between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig.

ANNOUNCER 1: --standings with that result. We'll take a look back at the match highlights. [INAUDIBLE] Manuel Neuer watching on. Two of the players unavailable for some action for [INAUDIBLE]. But this was the big moment of the match team.

ANNOUNCER 2: Big moment in the match. [INAUDIBLE] making a decision as that last defender to make contact on his opponent, Arjen Robbin. Referee went to video review and made the right call. He hesitated first and foremost, the referee, but that's the right decision. Red card it was.

ANNOUNCER 1: Arjen Robben almost scored from the resulting free kick. Wonderful save from Gulacsi.

ANNOUNCER 2: He was fantastic Gulacsi. Pulled off two or three wonderful saves. That one is World class. Robben not far away from getting is goal.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, he played a part in this. Arjen Robben with the cross. James couldn't have made a better run on this. And lovely left-footed finish.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm happy for James Rodriguez, because he gets there first, determination, and also the sweet finish. He's played well when called upon, James Rodriguez. He could be a key factor for Bayern.

ANNOUNCER 1: Second Bundesliga goal of the season. Levandowski gets his annual goal against Leipzig. Superb into the bottom corner.

ANNOUNCER 2: Lovely finish from Levandowski at the right side. Wasn't too good for him as he was then taken off the field with that injury. And we wonder how bad it is for Bayern.

ANNOUNCER 1: We hope that's just a precaution with those big games coming up this week against Celtic and Dortmund. Then Naby Keita goes down. And strong challenge from Tiago. He limps off, and not a great day all around for Leipzig. And they just cannot get over that final hurdle against Bayern Munich.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well first and foremost, you've got to be able to keep 10 men on the field. No should I say 10 men Leipzig, 11 men on the field. Come on, give them a chance.