Felix Klaus stuns Dortmund with excellent free kick goal | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Felix Klaus gives Hannover a 3-2 lead over Dortmund with a great goal.

ANNOUNCER 1: Superb first half finish. Left exposed, sent off, Dortmund now have a real battle on their hands. Down to 10 men. Remember they lost against Leipzig after a sending off. Let's see what Hannover can do here with Klaus. Hannover lead for a third time. And this guy's been brilliant. Swept in by Felix Klaus. And It's 3-2.

ANNOUNCER 2: There was only one player on that approach who was going to put the ball in the top corner it was him. He said he's been really, really impressive. He's man [INAUDIBLE] Sahin. What a fake out. That was world class. The goalkeeper has never got a chance. Two goalkeepers on there wouldn't have got it. It's a brilliant goal. An absolute brilliant-- Felix Klaus, a player that i think has been right on top of his game.

ANNOUNCER: Full of confidence. And you can tell from the way he took that.

ANNOUNCER 1: You knew as soon as it left his foot, that that was going in. He's been excellent.

ANNOUNCER: Look what it means to him. Felix Klaus.