Lewandowski opens up about coaching changes at Bayern Munich

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Robert Lewandowski talks about coaching changes at Bayern and upcoming matches.

- Robert Lewandowski, on fire.

- The first maybe two months was not so easy for us. But we know that we have to push, we have to work for, and now, the last three games, playing really well. In football, you can never say what can happen next month, next week because in one week we had in Bundasliga also five points less than Dortmund. Now, we are in the same place. So we know that, in football, nothing is impossible and you have to be all the time ready.

A few things was wrong. I don't know, maybe the relationship with Turner was not perfect. I don't know, maybe tactical, less analyze maybe, I don't know exactly. Because now is so much more difficult how was happened. So OK, it's over. And now we have the new trainer, new coach, and we want to all together going up and win everything again.

For us, this two weeks will be very important. Not only that we are playing against good teams, but also that we want to make a lot of points. It doesn't matter, it's Ligue or it's [INAUDIBLE] or Bundasliga or Champions League. We want to be all the time on the top and now you have two weeks to show everyone that we can do it.