Mainz vs. Eintracht Frankfurt | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Mainz and Eintracht Frankfurt.

ANNOUNCER 1: --today, 3:00 Eastern. At the Opel Arena, honors even-- 1-1 in the end-- between Mainz and Frankfurt. Few chances, and it was calamitous defending for the opening goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. It was a mistake that led to the opening goal from Brosinski. Just switched off, trying to see the ball over the line.

But full credit goes to the youngster, Wolf. He never gave up. He won the ball back, put it into a danger zone.

A little contact there from Zentner, the youngster, making his debut. Pushed it off Bell. And into the back of their own net it goes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, Mainz only had one shot in the first half. Frankfurt were close to doubling their lead early in the second.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Great from Rebic, 1 v. 1, he's not fighting to run at defenders. This time, he gets the better [INAUDIBLE] but goalkeeper Zentner are in the right position [INAUDIBLE] straight down [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 1: 55th minute. Pablo de Blasis with a decent opportunity here.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'll buy the [INAUDIBLE] from Mainz in the second half. They upped their game. But they didn't quite create that 100% opportunity, did they? And I think that the [INAUDIBLE] has sort of dwindled out of their game after [INAUDIBLE] 20 minutes to go in the first half.

ANNOUNCER 1: Moments later, controversial, was this a penalty for [INAUDIBLE] on Yoshonori Muto?

ANNOUNCER 2: I think it was too much 50/50 first time around. That one, right there, the second one from Abraham, was a penalty. But I think he's guilty of his own dive first time around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, Muto had a frustrating night. But he did manage to help the equalizer here for Suat Serdar.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Excellent delivery from Muto, running away from that central role. Puts a delicious delivery for Serdar, who just missed an open opportunity moments before this. That's an excellent finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: 1-1 at finish to open up Bundesliga Matchday 10 weekend. Plenty more to come here on Fox Sports. Leverkusen against Koln stands out. Leverkusen, scoring goals for fun right now against the bottom-side Koln, who are yet to win.