Thiago vs. Keita: Comparing Bayern and Leipzig’s star midfielders | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Take a closer look at this midfield match-up before Saturday's clash between Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig.

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: They're indispensable midfielders-- Bayern's Thiago and Leipzig's Naby Keita.


NABY KEITA: Naby Keita.

ANNOUNCER: Let's look at their special attributes.

ANNOUNCER: Forwards for Alaba, Thiago picks it up and has a pop, and scores brilliantly.

ANNOUNCER: The Spaniard has already scored one goal this season, taking his tally in a Bayern shirt to 11.


He's also managed 14 assists.

ANNOUNCER: There goes Naby Keita with a shot. Oh, Naby Keita with a blockbuster for Leipzig.

ANNOUNCER: Likewise, Naby Keita has a goal to his name this season. He also set up this goal for Augustin.

ANNOUNCER: Brilliant stuff from Augustin. And the man who set the table for him was Keita.

ANNOUNCER: Overall, the Guinean midfielder has nine goals and nine assists in the Bundesliga.


Thiago exudes class on the ball. The 26-year-old hardly ever gives possession away, with only 9% of his 464 passes this season going to an opposition player. Naby Keita's passing is also excellent. 83% of his 285 passes reached their destination. He has a slightly worse rate than Thiago because he likes to take risks and play a killer pass.


Thiago has intercepted 40 opposition passes already, 11 more than his rival from Leipzig. When it comes to tackling, both have won more than half. Thiago has won 66% of his challenges, Keita, 56%.


Transition plays among both players' strengths. Once they set off on an attacking run, they're hard to stop. Thiago has won 13 of his 22 dribbling attempts, while Naby has taken on his man an incredible 52 times and beaten him on 25 of them. Two unbelievable players. Keep it up.