Daniel Royer goal makes it 3-0 for Red Bulls vs. Chicago Fire | 2017 MLS Playoff Highlights

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Daniel Royer scores the Red Bulls' third goal against Chicago.

ANNOUNCER 1: Might be right here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Bradley Wright-Phillips for the attack. Coming through, Royer leaves it, gets the return, turns, shoots. There it is, the third goal for Daniel Royer. And the Red Bulls are cruising with a 3-0 lead.


ANNOUNCER 1: Right on cue, J. P. That third goal that we've been talking about for the past couple of minutes, it was a giveaway in midfield. And Paunovic won't even feel as though his team's had a chance, based on those substitutions, to try and give it a go. The substitutes that got on had barely gotten into position.

Dax McCarty, who's been excellent in this game for the Fire, is caught in possession. It leaves them three against two. And I thought that they'd let this one go here.

But it's a wonderfully slipped pass from Sean Davis back to Daniel Royer, who takes it on the half turn. He knows exactly where the goal is, caught in transition, players all over the place, turns and hits, great finish, 3-0. Can I say this one's over?