Vancouver Whitecaps vs. San Jose Earthquakes | 2017 MLS Playoff Highlights

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Watch full MLS playoff highlights between Vancouver Whitecaps FC and San Jose Earthquakes.

ANNOUNCER 1: 2017 MLS Cup playoffs here at BC Place.

But it looks like it is going to be Victor Bernardez. In the end, it's Godoy! And what a save that is from Marinovic!

ANNOUNCER 2: That was absolutely labeled for the top corner. Reads it, comes across.

ANNOUNCER 1: Plenty of movement in the box as the ball comes in for Waston. It's headed in at the back post! And the Whitecaps have the goal from Freddy Montero to take the lead!

ANNOUNCER 2: Ball gets played in. Watson flicked back. And who's there? Montero. That's his spot.

ANNOUNCER 1: Techera and Reyna standing over it. It's Cristian Techera! It's spectacular from Cristian Techera!

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is a good distance. But this is an absolute stunner.

ANNOUNCER 1: Reyna will take this for the Whitecaps. In it comes from [INAUDIBLE]. Was Ali Ghazal that got the shot towards goal there. Waston gets it back out for Reyna. Parker there on the back post. It is Montero with the header. And Waston on the line! Kendall Waston knocks it home! And it's 3 for Vancouver!

ANNOUNCER 2: Waston keeps it in. He's the one that keeps it alive. Ball gets played to the back post. Deft-footed Montero. Great save. And who knocks it in on the line but Kendall Waston.

ANNOUNCER 1: Shea up against Jungwirth as this one's played in by Brek Shea. Glanced away by Salinas. Bolanos brings it down, rolls it back in towards Mezquida. And a touch from the keeper couldn't keep it out.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just easy. Draws Shea Salinas there. Terrell gets-- Tarbell gets to it. But again, great finish. Comes from this man, Bolanos. Intelligence. Good finish.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Brek Shea wants to get in on the action here down the left side. Mezquida storming through the middle. Mezquida-- he's got another one! Nicolas Mezquida!

ANNOUNCER 2: He understands. Push it and run. Push it and run, get past them. Be fair to Shea, great ball across the face.

--as it just sit [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: A night that will live long in the memory for Vancouver Whitecaps as they score 5 goals to seal a first-ever MLS playoff win.