The Red Bulls made a strong statement but Toronto FC will be ready

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Stuart Holden and JP Dellacamera break down New York's win over Chicago and look ahead to their clash against Toronto.

- Before we talk about their next opponent, Toronto, let's talk about this game, because for those that are tuning in right now, they have to be surprised at that final score, right? 4-0 nothing? By the visitors.

- On the road. And we were saying coming into this one thing, it could be the difference between both goalkeepers tonight, Lampson versus Robles. Robles came up with an important save. The Chicago Fire, early on in this one, back in the playoffs for the first time since 2012, you cannot afford to make those types of mistakes and they made.

The mistake from Lampson and Brandon Vincent, who's had a very good season for the Chicago Fire, gets caught one against one. Juninho loses his man in the middle, and then two nailed down, the Red Bulls just went from strength to strength.

And that quiet confidence that they've been talking about, you could see it wasn't quiet any more. They could feel it. They were projecting that confidence. And if they thought that they were going to go into this playoffs being that underdog and fly under the radar, you're flying on the radar no more. A 4-0 dominant performance. That is a statement performance, and one that you heard from Jesse Marsch saying, we set the bar high now.

- Now, we're not expecting a similar score against Toronto, wherever that game is being played, right. But let's talk about the game with Toronto. Sacha Kljestan talked about a three-headed monster. It's really a four-headed monster. You could call it a five-headed monster if you want. They have so many weapons

- The certainly do. Giovinco, Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley, whoever it might be. I still think the key to this game is going to be in those white areas. Tyler Adams and Kemar Lawrence, yet again, you go up against Beitashour and Justin Morrow for Toronto FC. Two players, four players that like to get up and down, provide a lot of service, give their team a lot of width, that then aligns those creative players in the middle of the field to get on the ball.

So that's going to be the key yet again. And then can Sacha Kljestan find space with Michael Bradley, US Men's National Team teammate, in the middle of the park, to be able to create and get Bradley Wright-Phillips involved. So many story lines. I'm excited for this series. I think as we progress, Toronto FC, looking at this game tonight, would have not wanted to play this new Red Bull team in the next round.

- Supporters [INAUDIBLE] winners, Toronto FC, will also be well rested by the time they play this very committed, dedicated New York Red Bulls team. We see them in their final huddle before they left the field. They won it tonight, 4-0 over Chicago.