Seattle Sounders vs. Colorado Rapids,2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Seattle Sounders and Colorado Rapids.

KEITH COSTIGAN: A changed lineup for Brian Schmetzer, but still a strong lineup.

KASEY KELLER: You know, just the injuries are really creeping up at the wrong time-- Victor Rodriguez falling to a thigh injury in training. And that just kind of shuffles the lineup all around.

KEITH COSTIGAN: For the Colorado Rapids, a lot of injuries, but, again, Steve Cooke has gone with a strong starting line up.

KASEY KELLER: And this is all about young players trying to prove themselves.

Joevin Jones-- Dempsey looking for the switch, Leerdam getting forward again. He's got numbers inside the area. Ball's played across! It's the simplest of tasks for Will Bruin!


A wonderful, free-flowing move! It ends in the back of the net! Bruin's 11th of the season, and the perfect start for Seattle Sounders!


Doesn't get it from the ball from side. Dempsey breaking forward, plays the ball in behind. Bruin one-on-one with the goalkeeper! It's off the woodwork! So close goal for Will Bruin!

STEVE ZAKUANI: The beneficiary, so far, has been Clint Dempsey because he gets all that space.

KEITH COSTIGAN: You saw that little flick in behind for Leerdam. Again, a little trouble, defensively-- Howard just about gets there. Leerdam wasn't going to give up on that, still hasn't given up on it.

Pulls it back to the edge of the box. Roldan-- can he go for goal? And opens up for it! Curled effort! Just wide!

Actually, it seemed like we weren't going to go to that replay. Now we're going to have a video review of the incident that just happened.

KASEY KELLER: Yeah. The question's going to be, what happened off the ball on that run to the far post with Clint Dempsey? Was it an accidental contact? Or was it deemed that it was on purpose? And that will be the decision.

KEITH COSTIGAN: And there we see what the official thinks. Went to the back pocket and the red card has been given. And this is a blow not just for today, but the playoffs, moving forward.

KASEY KELLER: Well, now Clint has to be careful because now he's going to get added games tagged on.

KEITH COSTIGAN: [INAUDIBLE] towards the face, but the yellow card is given. Here is Aigner. Once again, he's marshalled by Roldan He gets his cross in, towards the far post, and that one looked like it came off the arm of Harry Shipp! And the referee's given a penalty!

Badji against Frei. It's off the post!


Frei turns and celebrates with the fans!

Joevin Jones-- good position. Very good cross! And it's the contact-- here it comes! The penalty's given in favor of the Sounders! Will Bruin taken down! And a yellow card given on Axel Sjoberg. And I guess the question is, did he deny a goal scoring opportunity? He's as bemused by all of this as we are.

KASEY KELLER: Well, but he's, basically, saying that the first one was more of a pull back than the second one.

KEITH COSTIGAN: And that's--

KASEY KELLER: And that's--

KEITH COSTIGAN: --what the look was for, as I initially mentioned. Now it's going to be a red card.

Lodeiro finds the bottom corner! And the Sounders double the lead! And they're well on the way now to picking up a top two position in the Western Conference!

And they've been doing very well. It goes to Neagle. It opens up for Neagle! Fight through! It's up and out! The return is just wide! Lovely, interchanging play! Neagle and Bruin were both involved!

Torres on another one of those overlapping runs. Wingo now in position, trying to pull it back towards Neagle. Neagle tried to redirect it on target. Jones, can he turn and go to goal? On his left foot! Just wide.

KASEY KELLER: It's always a possibility.

KEITH COSTIGAN: Lodeiro breaking through! Nobody following him. On his right foot! He's found the bottom corner! A second for Nico Lodeiro! Three on the day! And the Sounders storming their way into the playoffs-- 3-0!

That is the final action. The Sounders end the season with two home games, seven goals scored, none conceded.

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