FC Dallas vs. LA Galaxy | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between FC Dallas and LA Galaxy.

ANNOUNCER 1: FC Dallas has three draws and a win and the last four matches. With a Urruti, Lamah, Barrios, Michael Barrios, and Mauro Diaz starting up front. Bit of a shift in the back, Maynor Figueroa moves to the middle. The stakes for today's game are huge, as FC Dallas is trying to avoid missing the playoffs for the first time since 2013. What is Oscar Pareja's mindset heading into this must win match?

ANNOUNCER 2: They've struggled everywhere this year, not just at home. Out-swinging corner, to begin the match and LA has scored!


ANNOUNCER 2: That is Michael Ciani who joined the team earlier in the summer, and disaster strikes for FC Dallas. It's a nightmare start. Second minute and off the corner, Ciani has headed home. LA leads 1-0. Wonderfully he could take free kicks, but it's Diaz who takes it. It goes into the wall, there's still a chance for FC Dallas. On the left foot, Gruezo finds Lamah! And FC Dallas has their equalizer! Roland Lamah has scored.

ANNOUNCER 2: Not directly of the free kick, but the set piece is what opens up the door, and a badly needed goal. Does well to not be called for handball and to keep possession. And now the cross come in from Hollingshead, it's a good one! And a finish! FC Dallas, it's Hedges who cleans it up after the first shot didn't go in. It was stopped by Clement Diop! They might look at this one-- yeah, they will look at it of course.

ANNOUNCER 2: Early second half. Good delivery from Diaz! Flipped in a header, Lamah! It still ends up being Roland Lamah scoring the goal.

ANNOUNCER 3: He doesn't like scoring one, Mark.

ANNOUNCER 2: If you got one, you might as well score two.

ANNOUNCER 3: You might as well. Michael Barrios maybe team MVP season.

ANNOUNCER 2: And here is Barrios, speaking of. Barrios has a chance! And he buries it! Diop came out, Barrios smashes it past him. The rout is on for FC Dallas. Will they get the help the need. We don't know yet, but they're taking care of the business today, leading 4 goals to 1. Going into the last 20 minutes, Acosta's got a chance. Oh, Diop comes out, looking for referee JC Rivero to point to the spot. He's not doing that but he is sending off Diop.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kellyn Acosta pouncing on a bad pass, pushes the ball by Diop. Diop clearly takes him out. It's a penalty kick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, I never saw him point to the spot, but obviously he's walked there. That's going to happen. So Diop is sent off. Urruti's the only one to take a penalty kick besides Diaz. Urruti against Real Salt Lake in May. Diaz converted against Red Bulls, missed against Seattle. And to make it 5-1 against new keeper Brian Rowe. That was cool as ya like. As easy as it could be for Mauro Diaz, 5-1 FC Dallas.

ANNOUNCER 3: I take nothing away from what a really well-struck penalty kick, but again--

ANNOUNCER 2: We wanted to from FC Dallas perspective. But you have to love what MLS has done with Decision Day, and following in the footsteps of the Premier League. Matches all starting at the same time. You certainly create some incredible drama, when you have playoff spots, and playoff seeding, all on the line, as they are. And the match has come to end here for FC Dallas. The result is great here for FC Dallas, a 5-1 win. Their 11th win of the season, and they'll end the year with 46 points. But disaster has struck, Marco Urena scoring late in stoppage time for San Jose. Unless Minnesota can somehow pull off a stunner--

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