Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps.

ANNOUNCER 1: No changes from the group that beat DC 4-0.

ANNOUNCER 2: No surprise at all, given the form that this team is in right now. The main one, Darren Mattocks.

ANNOUNCER 1: The Point-S starting 11 for Vancouver has changed throughout the season. They have deployed six different formations this season. Chara takes time Reyna. Now it's Nagbe. Nagbe, he's got a lot of time. Nagbe has a go!

ANNOUNCER 2: It all starts with Chara winning a tackle. Vancouver Whitecaps have done very well. Well, it's time Chara to step into the game. Here is Jordy Reyna, wants a reset. Now he floats it into the back post, it's Waston! It's 1-0 Vancouver. The Whitecaps strike first, through the big center back Kendall Waston. And now the Timbers with a little bit of a hill to climb to get that first seed in the west. Guzman to the back post over everybody's head. Here's Nagbe. Nagbe curling at Marinovic, parries away! Ridgewell follows it up! It is level at Providence Park.

ANNOUNCER 2: Captain for the Whitecaps gets his goal, the captain for the Timbers says, hold on a second here. I can do just that. I'll get my team back in it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ridgewell, great outlet finds Blanco. Could be a four on three if the Timbers move fast enough. Here's Nagbe. Still Nagbe. Oh, Nagbe to Blanco! Blanco sends it over! A glorious chance for the Timbers on the counter. And they can't get the final touch. Still plenty to go before halftime. Here's Mattocks. Now Blanco. One on one with Harvey. Blanco cuts inside, tried to find Valeri, couldn't force it through. Might end up with it in the end. Who's going to end up with it? Oh, its Blanco! It's cleared off the line. Jake Nerwinski, the rookie, keeping it 1-1. --around Ghazal. Now it's Blanco. Blanco. Still Sebastian Blanco, in to Vytas. Great ball. Marinovic didn't get it! Mattocks puts it in! Two and half minutes into this second half, the Timbers go ahead! It's Darren Mattocks against his former team! It's 2-1.

ANNOUNCER 2: I think this half becomes so much more vital from Reyna, for Shea, for Balanos, to really take the game to the Timbers.

ANNOUNCER 1: Mattocks is going to run at Waston. He get around Waston. Mattocks, saved by Marinovic. It's still not clear, and Marinovic is able to catch in the end.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's feeling good right now, this man.

ANNOUNCER 1: They have numbers, they have speed. Nagbe goes wide to Blanco. Vancouver recovers well. Blanco still coming forward, as Valeri overlapping. Blanco keeps it himself, has a go. That did not miss by much. Inches away from the post. Here's Alva's Powell. Good ball into Blanco, back to Powell, back to Blanco! And it's wide again. He's had a lot of chances this afternoon. Unable to find the back of the net. To bring this match level and earn that top seed. Oh, here's Asprilla. Asprilla into the army. That was a chance to ice it. Maybe one last push for the Whitecaps. Techera bombing it into the box, Ridgewell heads it away. And that is it! The Portland Timbers, best in the west! They will be the top seed the Western Conference playoffs. The Cascadia Cup coming back to Portland as well. 2-1, the final.

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