Montreal Impact vs. New England Revolutions | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Montreal Impact and New England Revolutions.

ANNOUNCER 1: As we say, hello, Canada. And welcome to Stade Saputo on this Decision Day 2017.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's Patrice Bernier-- the longtime, Canadian stalwart-- playing in his final match. Starting at 11 for New England as they get ready to travel and play in Montreal, as they take on the Montreal Impact.

ANNOUNCER 1: There are parallels between these two teams, as Jackson-Hamel lays it off. And Romero!

ANNOUNCER 2: Anthony Jackson-Hamel lays it off to Andres Romero, who tests Brad Knighton. And it's the second time we've seen the goalkeeper spill.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lays it off to Diego Fagundez Made his debut-- I can remember, you and I were doing the game-- at the age of 16. And then they had to get home because he had to study for a test! Oh! And off the post and, finally, put away! And guess who it is? Diego Fagundez!

ANNOUNCER 2: Let's see here. It's just a quick, little play by New England. Really no danger there. But you can see all the central defenders just gravitate to the ball. Nemeth ends up with it. Watch here as all the players just gravitate to the ball and they don't win it. Right there. And now Nemeth has got a chance, off the bar-- it falls right to Fagundez, who makes no mistake. Still has some minutes under his belt.

ANNOUNCER 1: Romero.


And a chance for Jackson-Hamel and he didn't get through again. One more time-- left foot.

ANNOUNCER 2: Maybe a couple of feet, left to right, of Brad Knighton and he's not going to make that save. But credit to the goalkeeper there. Good reaction on the goal line. There's just not-- there's just not enough dynamic movement, right? I mean, there has to be, in this final third.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dzemaili, Jackson-Hamel-- oh! Looking for a hand ball and yes!


ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Dzemaili slips this ball through to Anthony Jackson-Hamel. You can see there-- the arm extended.

ANNOUNCER 1: The Captain. In his final game, Patrice Bernier!


ANNOUNCER 2: Just a little bit of a stutter, just to get Brad Knighton moving. Gives enough time for Bernier to understand where he's going to put this ball in the back of the net. Oh, yeah. And you have to hope that this goal-- this late first half goal-- by Patrice Bernier will be that spark.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! Right away! To take a 2-1 lead. Christian Nemeth!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, that's a play here, Will. You have to just shake your head. It's the poor pass by Samuel Piette to Laurent Cimon-- not in a position. And, of course, they were exposed there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ballou is there, Dzemaili hangs back, cut in, Francis, flick-- oh! And there it is again!

ANNOUNCER 2: That was a crucial save here and able to hold on to it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Unless you can do something with it. It looks good. Lovitz, Ballou, Lovitz-- a little give, a little go. And back. Ballou needs to get it across. In-- flick forward! Mancosu!

ANNOUNCER 2: It really stemmed from Ballou Tabla being able to find a little bit of space and then swing this ball in. And he does the right thing, just giving himself a chance, but in a dangerous area. It's a slight of a flick, perhaps, by Ignacio Piatti and then, ultimately, flicked in by Matteo Mancosu.

ANNOUNCER 1: And we want to welcome those of you who have been watching Toronto FC in Atlanta, as we are into time added on, as Kelyn Rowe will get credit on a wonderful strike!

ANNOUNCER 2: And just too much space for Kelyn Rowe to just drive that back four. Laurent Cimon doesn't step up in time and Kelyn Rowe unleashes a bullet.

ANNOUNCER 1: And for Kelyn Rowe, his first goal of the season. And what a time to get it, as New England will avoid going win-less! And on the final game for Patrice Bernier, Montreal will lose it here, at home.

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