New York City FC vs. Columbus Crew | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between NYCFC and Columbus Crew SC.

ANNOUNCER 1: I'm actually seen this starting 11 go together. And my two players are Ring and Herrera. They will hold down the ship. They're so important because this is such an offensive-minded 11. Yeah. And that's why I pinpointed them. This is a big match for him, personally, having spent one season here. And I think it's a big moment for him, going up against David Villa. He might not have slept so well last night. He knows what he's coming up against. This is a big occasion for him, as it is for that back four.

ANNOUNCER 2: And now ahead to Higuain. Over the top, looking to run onto it. Here's an opportunity! Columbus And a clinical finish from Ola Kamara-- his 18th of the season.

ANNOUNCER 1: What a phenomenal goal this is from Columbus Crew! Talk about sucker punch! Not many contacts on the ball up until this point, but they don't need many.

ANNOUNCER 2: So first corner kick of the day. And David Villa-- what a finish! Perfectly placed on the corner! And Villa with authority-- his 21st of the season! We're level at 1. Wow!

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, Mensah is off the field and New York City Football Club punish! What a header this is from David Villa! Going up against a player we talked about in the team selection.

ANNOUNCER 2: The players running. Ethan White, out on the right. Harrison cuts into the middle, hits it with the left foot. Steffen has to parry it over the bar!

ANNOUNCER 1: I think he's surprised by this one-- Zack Steffen, in the goal. Jack Harrison has the ability to pull this off. And he goes for it. Why not?

ANNOUNCER 2: Real Salt Lake keeping their play off hopes alive. And now David Villa trying to help New York City-- his shot is off Steffen and into the back of the net! Two for Villa! And in the 45th minute, right before halftime! New York City with the lead-- 2-1.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, he celebrates in style! And rightfully so! David Villa finding, yet again, another goal! This one definitely goes under the cap of Steffen. The goalkeeper will not be too happy. At the near post, he should never be beaten by this strike.

ANNOUNCER 2: Back to Jack Harrison. First time with the left foot and it just sails up and over the bar! All I can think of is-- now it's all across! Sean Johnson misses it! And the corner from Higuain is put home! And it's Josh Williams, the former City player, who draws level for Columbus. It's 2-2!

ANNOUNCER 1: What a moment for Josh Williams to come back and punch his team right in the face!

ANNOUNCER 2: Regardless, corner kick. Pedro Santos. Johnson gets a hand to it. Mensah, a header. And still loose in front. Brillant saves it off the line! Raitala with a chance! And a third chance goes wide of the mark!

And this is Rodney Wallace into the area. He plays it across-- David Villa! Oh! Zack Steffen gets a hand to it as Villa on the side volley, tried to find a go-ahead goal!

Villa making his run. David Villa turns and forces Steffen into yet another save. Finds David Villa top of the 18. Chips it in. Matarrita running in-- can't make contact.

ANNOUNCER 1: It's a penalty!

ANNOUNCER 2: Steffen comes out! And a penalty?

ANNOUNCER 1: Got to be.

ANNOUNCER 2: Will it be a penalty?

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh! That's a penalty!

ANNOUNCER 2: Elfath charging over. And he does give the signal. This will be a video review.


And it is a penalty!

The whistle from Ismail Elfath steps up. And it's saved by Steffen!

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, he had a chance to put it to bed and seal his hat trick. What a save that is from Steffen.

ANNOUNCER 2: Jonathan Lewis, top of the box. He'll turn, and shoot, and just miss! Wrong side of the post! Manneh against White. He pushes down into the area. White loses his footing. Manneh cuts it back. Here's an opportunity by Jahn-- right into Sean Johnson! Clearance. And there is the final whistle. New York City and Columbus play to a 2-2 draw. Atlanta and Toronto still level at 2 in stoppage time at Mercedes Benz Stadium with about 30 seconds remaining.

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