Real Salt Lake vs. Sporting Kansas City | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City.

ANNOUNCER 1: Let's take a look at the starting 11, brought to you by LifeVantage-- find your personal, professional freedom by partnering with LifeVantage.

ANNOUNCER 2: Mike Petke makes two changes coming off 1-0 loss on the road in Colorado. Marcelo Silva back and available after missing out because of suspension. Chris Wingert comes in at right back for the injured Tony Beltran. Beckerman and Mulholland in front. Lennon on one side and Plata on the other. Albert Rusnak pulls the strings, Luis Silva spearheads the attack.

ANNOUNCER 1: And for Sporting Kansas City, win-less in the last four.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. Peter Vermes is coming off the 0-0 draw at home against Houston.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rusnak, Brooks Lennon, Lennon, Rusnak gets the ball caught underneath him. Silva! Yes!


ANNOUNCER 2: And it looks like it's-- it's a touch by Ilie. That might have-- might have-- put Luis Silva in behind. Deft, little chip. That's a big game that Real Salt Lake needs to keep their eye on.

ANNOUNCER 1: Plata and another give away. Plata versus Zusi. Plata with space! Silva, Plata, around Dykstra-- oh, Dykstra reaches back and scoops it up.

ANNOUNCER 2: He's got to get the shot off! He's got to get the shot off!

ANNOUNCER 1: Here it comes. Sporting trying to counter, but a heavy touch there by Espinoza. 1-1.

ANNOUNCER 2: I could not-- I could not figure out why Peter Vermes wouldn't use that sub on Dom Dwyer.

ANNOUNCER 1: Plata for Silva. Silva, Lennon, Brooks, saved by Dykstra! Rebound! Yes! 2-0! Brooks Lennon!


ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, such a massive, massive goal for Real Salt Lake, right before the half time whistle!

He was begging for the opportunity where Dykstra had picked the pocket of Joao Plata, 10 minutes ago. This time, he gets his chance.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sporting trying to pull it back before the half. Mulholland-- deflection. [INAUDIBLE] picked out of the air. No shot! And Rimando makes the save as Kansas City wastes no time swarming at the other end. And [INAUDIBLE], during the goal celebration, more between Petke and the fourth official.


ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, a fly by.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh, there's a give away. Medranda-- Medranda in front, Rubio-- a shot! Rimando!

Nick Rimando's second save-- an enormous one, point blank!

Rubio-- Rubio! Here's another opportunity inside. Rimando-- another big save! Blasts it over the [INAUDIBLE]! Salloi denied by Rimando. Nick Rimando-- two enormous saves.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Albert Rusnak-- a diagonal ball for Brooks Lennon. Dykstra out, now retreating. Brooks-- heavy touch. Tried to nutmeg him and Dykstra makes the save.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah. It's a very good save.

ANNOUNCER 1: Atlanta and Toronto trading goals. And here, we have Kansas City getting a late goal and denying the shutout.

Ike Opara-- 89th minute.

ANNOUNCER 2: If he had been involved in the US Men's National Team pool.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at the injuries he head. He was really robed of some really good years. The ankle and the Achilles injury in 2014 and '15.

ANNOUNCER 2: Absolutely. Absolutely.

ANNOUNCER 1: The crowd rising to its feet. There is the final whistle. RSL has taken a full three points. Mike Petke and Peter Vermes are going to shake hands.

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