Houston Dynamo vs. Chicago Fire | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Houston Dynamo and Chicago Fire.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wilmer Cabrera is going to rest a number of players, including Alberth Elis, Ricardo Clark, and DaMarcus Beasley. Here's the line up-- Eddie Robinson-- he puts out here, today, against the Chicago Fire. For the Chicago Fire, under Velijko Paunovic-- and, of course, this is a team, today, that, certainly, has a number of issues.

One is in goal because they've had struggles in goal with Matt Lampson. So Sanchez, only a second start, Eddie. And then they've got big injuries. Bastian Schweinsteiger, the World Cup winner, is not here, de Leeuw is out, as well as Juninho.

ANNOUNCER 2: So here's the long throw from Adolfo Machado. The Dynamo's still seeking their first goal off the long throw this year, but they have consistently used it. Who knows? Maybe this is the moment they'll get a first goal. We're expecting a high tempo here with what is at stake. And it's 64 degrees here. It's hoisted into the box. It's flipped over the back post! And there is the first goal the Dynamo have gotten off a long throw! And Leonardo will get his second of the year! What a start for the Houston Dynamo here.

Here's Alvarez. And that should be Wednesday or Thursday. It's a one game knock out. The ball whipped into the box! Headed away by Leonardo.

[INAUDIBLE] colliding with McCarty. Switch of play. Here's Accam, again, against Anibaba now. David Accam trying to get a shot off on Anibaba. It's Accam still! Accam gets a shot off! Save, Deric! Accam fought his way through, finally got a shot off. Tyler Deric continues his outstanding goalkeeping.

McCarty drops it over the head. It's a great ball there.

ANNOUNCER 1: A poor touch from Polster.

ANNOUNCER 2: Alvarez, be careful! Arturo Alvarez will get a shot off! Swept away by Deric. It handcuffed him!

And outside of the foot. Mihailovic's ball was not a good one. Quioto-- he's got Manotas in front of him. Manotas has run himself into an off-side position. It's Quioto! He is a one man show! It's going to go in! Romell Quioto!


It is a blunder of massive performances in goal from Richard Sanchez. Romell Quioto did not look a favorite to score this goal. He had to go, himself, after looking off Mauro Manotas. And somehow, it trickles in over the line.

Alexander silently having a very good game here today.

ANNOUNCER 1: He has.

ANNOUNCER 2: Which is usually the way he does it. What a flick to release Andrew Wenger from Alex. Wenger bats it in! It's 3-0! Off Manotas!

He will re-direct it in! He will get his 10th of the year. The Dynamo are rolling towards the playoffs on a real high now. It is 3-0.

Outside of Houston. Nikolic will try to bend it. Oh! Hits the post. They're claiming it went in.


ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, there's huge space for Sanchez to give it-- [INAUDIBLE] Sanchez comes up with the save.

Machado, Nikolic flicks it, he'll get it back, go for a 25th, and he pulled the shot wide. Oh, wow.

That's it. Game over. Houston Dynamo going to the playoffs. They will host on Wednesday or Thursday. They have gotten back into the playoffs for the first time in four years.

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