Atlanta United vs. Toronto FC | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Atlanta United FC and Toronto FC.

ANNOUNCER: Mercedes Benz has opened the roof. There are 70,000 plus fans.

DAN GARGAN: Obviously, a different look today for Atlanta United with a back line of Larentowicz, Parky, and Walkes. I think it'll shift around. Chris McCann being on the left, I think, will have to assist Anton Walkes in the middle there. They have rest on both sides of this game so they'll have the opportunity to get good minutes in. I don't know if we see Giovinco for the entire 90, obviously coming off injury, but these guys, they need to get into a rhythm.

DAN GARGAN: I don't know if he's really ever-- ever had a clearly defined role for the US and--

ALAN GREEN: Oh, here's a moment of danger now. Altidore. Great save! Fantastic save.

DAN GARGAN: Wow. This ball movement starts with Vazquez, who is so good at just the first-- look at the flick from Giovinco, and then Delgado-- Jozy. Jozy is gonna want that one back. He has to finish that. He's got Guzan wrong-footed and Guzan gets that all right. Stays big, stays up. Jozy tries to go opposite side, and Mr. Clean Sheet gets a big paw on it.

ALAN GREEN: Kratz. Ooh. Penalty kick for Atlanta United.

DAN GARGAN: So, this ball gets played in Oh, there it is. It's a handball on Drew Moor. Handball on Drew Moor.

ALAN GREEN: Oh, it's a handball. What was he doing, waving his hand in the air like that? Half an hour played. He made sure. Atlanta take the lead.

DAN GARGAN: His PK. He's got some nerves running through him right now, but steps up and slots this, nice and cool to the wrong side of the goalkeeper. That's a perfect PK.

DAN GARGAN: I would like to see him on the field for a few. I think it's so valuable to get game minutes, especially in a game like this, in a playoff atmosphere.

ALAN GREEN: Guzan didn't come. Guzan didn't come and Altidore scores.

DAN GARGAN: A difficult ball in between.

ALAN GREEN: Good ball. Martinez in the near post, 2-1.

DAN GARGAN: There it is

ALAN GREEN: Brilliant cross. Brilliant finish.

DAN GARGAN: Watch this ball from Miguel Almiron. He puts this a good 15, 20 yards in front of Tito Villalba. Forces Villalba to take that space. Josef Martinez does it so well, and Tito Villalba can deliver this ball. Just a slight little touch.

ALAN GREEN: Brilliant. Brilliant goal. Absolutely sensational free kick. Guzan beaten on his near post.

DAN GARGAN: His free kick, he's been so good getting this ball up and down. Guzan knows it. He comes flying across the goal line. But Giovinco's form and his touch and his direction. It's perfect. It does not get any better than this. Look how much of the goal Brad Guzan has covered. Off the underside of the crossbar and in the back of the net.

ALAN GREEN: Four minutes and nothing else. And it's finished 2-2. And now we wait for the final scores in the other critical game.

DAN GARGAN: If these two match up in the playoffs, that's going to be a fun one.

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