Dortmund’s poor defense could be the difference in the Bundesliga title race

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Kate Abdo and Jovan Kirovski compare Dortmund and Bayern after Matchday 9's results.

- Yes, hi, guys. It's been an interesting weekend in the Bundesliga. Once again, just Jovan and myself here on Sunday. It's been very quiet, very calm, collected. No Eric. No Ian.

It's leveled out at the top of the Bundesliga as well. We've got Dortmund and Bayern now tied on points in the table after all of the play this weekend. Dortmund were away to Frankfurt and dropped points.

- And it's disappointing. It's happened the last two years, where Dortmund, they start the season so well, they go on the road in games that they need to get points, they need to win, they're up 2-0, and they can't keep a lead. And those are the points they let go when Bayern's going on the road. They go to Hamburg. They don't play particularly well at Bayern But they have the experience and they have-- they find a way to win.

And that's the difference in the season last season, the year before, Dortmund's very disappointing for me. Defensively they're just not good enough.

KATE ABDO: Is that, as well, only going to get more so? Because we've seen [INAUDIBLE] come into Bayern Munich. They won in the Champions League midweek. And even then he expressed frustration. Said it wasn't good enough. So he's expecting such a huge amount of his players. Whereas it feels like at Dortmund, the expectation isn't necessarily there?

JOVAN KIROVSKI: I mean, it's some of that, yeah. But then there's also the quality, I think, in the end. The quality that Bayern have defensively, Dortmund just doesn't have it, whether it's Burki in goal, who's making mistakes, or the back four. Their two center backs, Toprak has done a good job. But in the end, it's just not consistent enough to compete with Bayern Munich.

- OK, well, we've got plenty more Bundesliga action coming your way next weekend on Fox Sports as well. Make sure you don't miss that on Saturday on FS2.

Bayern Munich are going to welcome RB Leipzig to the Allianz Arena on Sunday. Freiburg travels to take on Stuttgart with coverage beginning at 12:30 PM Eastern on FS1. We'll see you then.