England beats the United States 4-1 to reach the U-17 World Cup semifinals

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Watch full quarterfinal highlights between the United States and England.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sargent trying to get a rare touch here. [INAUDIBLE] stepped up here now. Here's England, Foden. Still Foden, weaving, jerking, it's [INAUDIBLE] shot, 1-0 England. Rebound a side-footed home by Rhian Brewster. Here's Foden again now. Single and basically a four on four here. To Brewster, off his line its [INAUDIBLE]. It's 2-0 England. It's not the start the United States would want here in Goa. Brewster has struck again.

TONY: Well, and the one thing you can't do with this English side is give them a gift. It's a turn over in and around midfield.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brewster. He's going to whip it in. Oh, it's a [INAUDIBLE] volley. It's goal number three and it looks to be the final dagger. Gibbs White has scored for England. It is now 3-0.

TONY: Was Durkin. Carlton, English player, down. Slipped in towards the end line. Dest is going to get there. The U.S. have pulled a goal back. This could get interesting. Josh Sargent.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at [INAUDIBLE] continues. England trying to get a fourth here. They're going to go to the penalty spot. Dest'll get called for the foul. Brewster was brought down.

TONY: Yep.

ANNOUNCER 1: And Dest is going to be gone. Ice cold penalty by Brewster. He'll get the hat trick. England'll get a fourth. And they are on their way to the semifinals. It is over, Tony, here in Goa.