Manchester United squeezes by Benfica to remain perfect in group stage

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Full match highlights between Benfica and Manchester United.

- To this Benefica Manchester United match. Mile Slivar the young Belgian. 18 years and 52 days old. Youngest keeper ever to start a Champions League game. He would factor rather mightily into this one. 61st minute. Slivar, punching it over the bar. The 64th though, the issue.

- Even on that one, he took a little step forward. You see there, he just takes that step with his right foot forward. That's what takes his momentum up there. And this is why his momentum took him back into the goal. But listen, he is young. There's no issue with making a mistake. He puts his hands up. He knows he'll go back and he'll talk to his goalkeeping coach. But was really nice about this was his compatriot there Lukaku telling him to keep his head up. He knows that he's a good goalkeeper. He gives him a big, big little cuddle here Warren. It's nice to see some of the pros doing it now.

- I mean because for the young kids you're starting off on his career. But he'll get better, he'll learn from his mistake.