Juventus vs. Sporting CP | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

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Full match highlights between Juventus and Sporting CP.

ANNOUNCER 1: The other game in Group D we had in Turin. The Old Lady fell behind to Sporting, 1-0.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yep, just a certain amount of [INAUDIBLE] that's going for Juventus to get caught out a little bit on the counterattack. Wicked richochet. So that was of just puts it into an empty net. Gigi Buffon couldn't do anything about it. But with this team, you know you've got character and quality.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pjanic with the free kick.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, I'm not sure which one was better. I think this is better than Messi's one was, because this goalkeeper has no chance here. He's up and over the wall. Goalkeeper wouldn't have seen it until it's right over that wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: And then Mario Mandzukic, watch him at the far post and the diving header over the defender. This is just strength getting there, holding the defender off.