Messi scores 100th European goal as Barcelona topples Olympiacos

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Full match highlights between Barcelona and Olympiacos.

- This [INAUDIBLE] in the region the last couple of days. And Barcelona then forced to play a man down because Gerard pique picked up a yellow here in the 11th minute. Wasn't happy about it. He'd be really upset late of the first half. But first this opportunity from Barcelona.

- For me it's all about Busquet's wonderful delivery, his pass. Get a little bit of luck obviously with the own goal but opening moments of the game, they totally dominated it.

- Fifth own goal going Barcelona's way this season already in all comps. And then here in the 42nd minute, the right hand of Pique dips down, hits it in. Yep. He can look to the heavens, but he knows exactly what he did. Great call. Free kick, Messi. 15th in all competitions.

- Sometimes they can be a little bit too close to the A-team, but it doesn't really matter where it is when Messi's involved. He gets that ball up and over the wall so well.

- 100 goals. You know I think the keeper could've done better.

- Yeah, possibly.

- Thank you. 64th minute. Messi driving. That's what a defender does my friend. Drills that in the back of the net.

- Which one? The one on the ground? There's another one.

- Digne there in the 64th. And then Nicholaus pulling one back. Remember he had the own goal. Gets that one back for Olympiakos. So 3-1 your final in Barcelona. Only two players have scored 100 goals in UEFA competition. Ronaldo now joined by Mr. Messi. Pretty good names on that list.