Anderlecht vs. Paris Saint-Germain | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

Full match highlights between Anderlecht and PSG.

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ANNOUNCER 1: --is a lot of fun to watch this season. And you better get in your seats early, because they score early and often. Third minute, Kylian Mbappe, his eighth Champions League goal as a teenager.

ANNOUNCER 2: He is ridiculously [INAUDIBLE]

ANNOUNCER 3: He's through. He's saying, I'm not crossing this. I am blasting this.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch that man. Watch him for the World Cup, and again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Cavani. An assist from Mbappe right here on the header. 2-0, and then that's two of the big three. You know, who are we missing? Who is it? Who could-- ah yeah, Neymar. Free kick.

ANNOUNCER 3: Intentional? Not intentional? What do you think?

ANNOUNCER 1: Intentional.

ANNOUNCER 3: Intentional, definitely. Tremendous wall, by the way.

ANNOUNCER 1: And then Di Maria. They're just a bench.

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] oh, you're chasing the game.

ANNOUNCER 1: A little calm lefty. Anybody want to pick him up?

ANNOUNCER 2: No, I'll just think [INAUDIBLE] 4-0.

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