Bayern Munich vs. Celtic | 2017-18 UEFA Champions League Highlights

Full match highlights between Bayern Munich and Celtic.

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- [INAUDIBLE] Freidel. So cold talking about this Bayern Munich, Celtic game.

- Cuz I know Bayern Munich is a better team. I know they have better players. But at, times Celtic players weren't doing anything.

- Say it. What did it look like?

- A testimonial. It did. It did. There were so many-- look at all the Celtic players in the box. There's three Bayern Munich players just standing free. And that's what a lot of it was. I know it's difficult to play against some of these big team, but you have to have a going. You have to try and get in their face. You have to try to do a little bit or something.

- Mueller, Kimmich, and then Hummel's here in the 51st minute. Robben with the corner kick. 3-0 the final.

- Seriously, What are you laughing? You're wearing the green tie--

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