Navas save on Kane shot leaves Real Madrid vs. Tottenham in a draw

Full 2017-18 UEFA Champions League match highlights between Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

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ANNOUNCER 1: --one, but should there have been a penalty kick here, guys, in the 21st minute?


ANNOUNCER 3: I'm going to say yes.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, come on.

ANNOUNCER 3: Trailing leg. Harry Kane.

ANNOUNCER 2: Harry Kane says yes.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yes. I agree with Harry.

ANNOUNCER 1: 28th minute, own goal gets on the board.

ANNOUNCER 3: [INAUDIBLE] a little bit earlier on, Spurs, and deserve a little bit of luck. Varane, the French international, doesn't know too much about it, but it's a wicked ball played in. Couldn't really hold out.

ANNOUNCER 1: No debating this one being a penalty kick.

ANNOUNCER 2: No, I don't care what Warren or Harry Kane says. That is a penalty.

ANNOUNCER 3: I agree.

ANNOUNCER 2: And he's the only one that matters.


ANNOUNCER 2: And Cristiano steps up, buries it, no problem. Game on.

ANNOUNCER 1: His fifth Champions League goal this campaign. 44 goals now for club and country for Ronaldo.

Move to the second half. Lloris was huge today.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, wonderful goalkeeping. Just doesn't know too much about it. Benzema, you could say he should score, but Lloris, with his trailing leg, gets it away. And Zidane probably thought I would have scored that one.

But they was magnificent the way they was organized defending. They had a certain game plan. You're playing against Real Madrid, arguably the best team in the world.

ANNOUNCER 2: And you're going to need some individual performances, and they got it in goal. I mean, Lloris was good. He was really good today. This thing is moving. Great reflex.

ANNOUNCER 1: How about this opportunity, though, in the 71st minute for Kane. A wonderful pass.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, they had their moments. Llorente slides it in, Harry Kane opens his hips up. But it's a good save, but he did have a lot of the goal to score.

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