Liverpool snaps 7-game Champions League losing streak with win over Maribor

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Full match highlights between NK Maribor and Liverpool.

SPEAKER 1: By Liverpool today. It started early, fourth minute. Firmino from Mohamed Salah.

BARTON: They needed to go earlier on just to calm a few nerves and intention. But once they got one, they was rampant.

SPEAKER 1: Coutinho here in the 13th minute. [INAUDIBLE] gets that wide, just lay it up there. All right, it's not pretty. He didn't get all of it but it's in the back of the net. Two Brazilian, probably off to the World Cup. Getting them up 2-0. 19th minute, Mohamed Salah, remember that penalty kick that sent Egypt through to the World Cup, calm. Good week.

BARTON: It could be one of the first signings.

SPEAKER 1: Well his good week got even better in the 40th. So much space behind. I'll take that.

BARTON: They was going to do that to someone sooner or later because they create so many challenges.

SPEAKER 1: Little set piece, little flick going header far post. Firmino, another one for him. Guess who got into it in the 86th? The Ox!

BARTON: Pleased for him because he's had a lot of criticism and [INAUDIBLE] it's also [INAUDIBLE] tucks it away.

SPEAKER 1: But they weren't done Mr. Barton!

BARTON: There's more?

SPEAKER 1: Yes, Trent Alexander-Arnold, the young Englishman.

BARTON: Another young English player doing well. They're all over the place. This one takes a slide inflection. But we won't take it away from him. He started the Champions League to fame. Won it before he came.