Colorado Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake | 2017-18 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake.

ANNOUNCER: This group is unchanged in that front 10, from what we saw last week-- obviously, the addition of Tim Howard back in after he returned from international duty here.

ANNOUNCER: And RSL-- just the two changes, but a side that's been on a decent run of late.

ANNOUNCER: While Brooks Lennon comes into that right side-- he's been very effective against this Rapids team, but I think David Horst in that substitution-- in for Silva, where the ejection happened last week-- this could be a key to this game.

ANNOUNCER: This is Gatt, on goal-- oh, he has scored! Joshua Gatt has scored two goals in Major League Soccer, and both have come against Real Salt Lake. It's 1-0, and we've played a little over three minutes.

ANNOUNCER: Well, Colorado wants to get things going quickly-- oh-- quick throw-ins, quick restarts-- can you put Salt Lake under pressure? And they do it here with a quick little throw-in. Great ball into Gordon, who just flicks in behind the pace of Gatt-- not leaving any questions with a finish, and Colorado gets out to the start that they wanted tonight.

ANNOUNCER: Beckerman, once again-- scored against LA-- Mulholland with a drive, and it's pushed wide by Tim Howard.

ANNOUNCER: This Real Salt Lake team is not going to sit back. They know they've got to get points here.

ANNOUNCER: Brooks Lennon teasing his way past Eric Miller-- Mulholland with a dive, and it takes a deflection and just wide. And I'm not sure whether that would have gone in, but Marlon Hairston has certainly stopped Tim Howard from having to do some work.

Falls through there to Silva, looking for Plata, now on the overlap-- and Hairston, can he get to it? Yes, he can-- was it a hand ball there from Joao Plata-- that is the closest that Real Salt Lake have come, and it was mighty close.

ANNOUNCER: So dangerous-- fantastic today from Tim Howard-- second effort from Marlon Hairston.

ANNOUNCER: Nice work there from Rusnak-- driving from distance-- and a wonderful save from Tim Howard, with full stretch.

--is open to the video review team. Anyway, play continues-- Beckerman puts the ball over, and the Rapids still down to 10 men. Referees will miss things-- of course, they will.

ANNOUNCER: Kyle Beckerman actually gets both hands on Boateng, and holds him down, and propels himself up.

ANNOUNCER: Away by Bobby Burling-- Saucedo with a wonderful drive, sweetly struck on the volley.

They are feeling the effects-- Beckerman with a free header-- and he couldn't quite get the angle, but he was absolutely on his own.

ANNOUNCER: You're right-- Beckerman frees himself, nobody picks him up-- Sjoberg caught in between.

ANNOUNCER: All eyes now on the referee, the jeers of the whistles around Dick's Sporting Goods Park--


--and there is the final whistle-- and it's a victory for the Colorado Rapids. 96 minutes, and the goal coming after 3-- and they've held on and they've put a massive spanner in Real Salt Lake's post-season hopes.

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