Leipzig snap Dortmund’s 41-game unbeaten home streak

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COMMENTATOR 1: What a wonderful game we just witnessed at the Westfalenstadion. Started so brightly for Borussia Dortmund, Jovan.

JOVAN: Yeah, pressing so well. Wins the ball, Aubameyang. Calm and cool, slots it in the corner. Terrible mistake by Ilsanker, but a terrific finish by Aubameyang.

COMMENTATOR 1: Not the greatest of days ever for Ilsanker, but what a stunning comeback from Leipzig that we saw.

JOVAN: Yeah, great ball. The timing of the leap by Halstenberg. Cuts it across, and there, in the end, is Sabitzer to put it away.

COMMENTATOR 1: And then it's a lovely piece of wing play from Bruma.

JOVAN: Yeah, the best goal of the day. Shows pace, balance. Terrific goal. Sets him up. And Poulsen with a simple tap-in in the end.

COMMENTATOR 1: A little nutmeg on the goalkeeper as well to boot. So that put Leipzig in front. 47th minute, it was Augustin going through, and VAR involved. Penalties given, and the red card.

JOVAN: I think this was a bit harsh. He put his hand on him, but did he really tug him? Again, Augustin comes in, puts it away. Leipzig with a comeback that's been terrific.

COMMENTATOR 1: 3-1. We see VAR on one end. You felt it was harsh. VAR at the other end.

JOVAN: Again, Aubameyang is going out of play, out of the way. He gets clipped, but I'm not sure he gets clipped. I don't think the video review really showed it well. But he does finish it off, and they're back in it. Gave themself a chance.

COMMENTATOR 1: [INAUDIBLE] would be for clear-cut chances. Neither of those looked that clear-cut. Castro with the delivery, Yarmolenko with the header. Not too many chances late on, and RB Leipzig would hold on for the victory. There's what it means to the standings.

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