Marcel Sabitzer equalizes for RB Leipzig | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Marcel Sabitzer ties the game for RB Leipzig against Dortmund.

[CROWD CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 1: It's a [INAUDIBLE] and a one-side [INAUDIBLE] for Bayern at [INAUDIBLE]. Plays that ball towards the foul post ahead of back in. Burke's beaten to it [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's a terrific ball in. What a response from Liepzig. You think they're under the gun, under pressure, they continue to attack, continue to press and this is a terrific free kick, a great header back. And I'm not so sure what Burke is doing. Here it is-- a great ball in. A great timing of the run, great timing of the jump in the air. Heads it across. And Burke comes for it, but a terrific, brave header. Brave header. Great response.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sabitzer's got three assists on the season, now he's on the score sheet. But mention that first header. [INAUDIBLE] a towering header. Back in, beats Talio to it.