Bayern Munich rout SC Freiburg in Jupp Heynckes’ first game back at the helm

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Watch full highlights between Bayern Munich and SC Freiburg.

COMMENTATOR 1: Allianz arena. It was all smiles pre-game with Christian Streich. Been there a time or two, hasn't he, [INAUDIBLE]. And Bayern already a goal up when Kingsley Coman got in on the act.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah. Very good game for Kingsley Coman. Got his goal as well. Full credit to him. The confidence is back in his veins, and I think he's benefiting from the injury to Ribery. Great performance all around from him.

COMMENTATOR 1: In the 63rd minute, a curler from Thiago.

COMMENTATOR 2: This is a beauty from Thiago. He was my Man of the Match today, Ross. Excellent performance all around. His passing was, well, impeccable. But I will say this. Look at that finish. The goalkeeper's got absolutely no chance of getting down and making contact. Beautiful goal. Well deserved.

COMMENTATOR 1: The 75th minute. We'd speculated Robert Lewandowski wanted his goal, and here it was.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah. He waited a long time for that chance, didn't he? And it came from Soyuncu just holding on to the ball far too long, giving up the ball to Thomas Muller, who gets the assist. Nice, nice goal from Robert Lewandowski.