Hirving Lozano goal makes it 1-1 for Mexico | 2017 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Highlights

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Chucky scores against Trinidad and Tobago to equalize for Mexico.

ANNOUNCER 1: Those detractors. Oribe finding Layun with a cross, the strike! And it has to be the Chucky Power! Goal by Mexico! The evil midfielder had to be. Goal by Hirving Lozano!

ANNOUNCER 2: Again, going from one side to another, opening spaces, making runs to distract the defenders allowed Miguel Layun to put the ball in the box. And in the far post, Chucky Lozano doing what he needed to do: being there just to put his right foot, connect the ball, and send it to the back of the net. Finally, Mexico playing they way they're supposed to be and finishing the plays the way they're supposed to finish them.