Herrera scores great free kick vs. Trinidad and Tobago | 2017 CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying Highlights

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Hector Herrera ends the game with a fantastic goal for Mexico.

ANNOUNCER 1: One Mexican act away, we have the whistle. Ready, set, fire! Hector Herrera, that's a super, duper goal!


Score by Mexico!


For the a.k.a [INAUDIBLE], Hector Miguel Herrera Lopez, we have a party!

ANNOUNCER 2: One, two steps to the left inside of the right foot. This is art. It's an amazing execution. Terrific execution by [INAUDIBLE]. The goalkeeper was cheating a little bit, Herrera noticed that, and puts the ball just in that side of the goal to score the three, one for Mexico.

ANNOUNCER 1: So the possibility of becoming the best team ever to play the Hex